New Journey


Our Covenant

Our covenant describes our commitment to how we choose to live a "Christ-like" life. This is a voluntary pledge for each member to make.

I have been led by God to join the fellowship of New Journey Church.

I will protect the unity of the church. I will build up and encourage others and seek to minister to their needs. I will take care to avoid gossip and any talk that harms another. I will respect the spiritual leaders of the church, following them as they are led by God.

I will share in the responsibility for the church. I will pray for the members, leaders and the work of the church. I will invite those who are not active in church to participate in our fellowship. I will share my faith with those who do not know Jesus Christ in order that they may invite Him to be their personal Savior.

I will serve in the ministries of the church. I will seek to discover the spiritual gifts and talents given to me by God in order that I might use them for His glory and the benefit of the church. I will learn, train, prepare and grow in my abilities in order to please God more. I will always keep in mind the example of Jesus that I am here not to be served but rather to serve others.

I will support the testimony of the church. I will attend faithfully, supporting the worship, study, fellowship and ministries of the church. I will live a godly life so that others might see Jesus through me. I will give regularly to finance the work and ministry of the church as the scripture teaches.

I offer this covenant as my promise to God and the others in the fellowship and I receive its promises from others as a bond of Christian love.